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Independent Record Label and Management from Italy. Since 2007

GBSound is commited to providing the very best in management and support for its artists. from professional services, promotions, videos, productions, press, marketing and events of all kinds.

With honesty, integrity and a commitment to excellence remaining the driving forces, GBSound remains an inseparable component in the careers of its artists.

As the world of music continues its upswing, GBSound further cements its reputation for surpassing fans' expectations with an undying dedication to the development of its artists, creative ideas and a wealth of forward-thinking. Hearing is believing!


Living Colour, H-Blockx, Marco & Giò, Mallory Switch, L'Alba Di Nuovo, Richie Kotzen, Vernon Reid And Masque, Forty Deuce, Beans, MC Queen, Living Dead Lights, Teraphy?, Morgan, Bluvertigo, Giuliano Palma And The Bluebeaters, Marina Rei, Eugenio Finardi, Casino Royale, Velvet, Modena City Rambles, Punkreas, Caparezza, Marco Trentacoste, Antonio "Cooper" Cupertino (Officine Meccaniche), Antonio Baglio (Nautilus), Nel Nome del Rock Festival, Nichelino Sound Fest, Ephebia Festival (Terni), Edison Change The Music, Soundtown Fest, Torino Notte Bianca Jazz Fest, Pirames Int, Kino Pelliconi Director, Ricky Monti Photographer, Kizmaiaz...


Mallory Switch "Mallory Switch" (2007)
L'Alba Di Nuovo "L'Alba Di Nuovo" (2008)
Mallory Switch "Freeek!" (2009)
L'Alba Di Nuovo "Naufrago" (2009)
Mallory Switch "Mallory" (2010)
Living Dead Lights "W/Dead Republic" (2011)

Barbara Giovinazzo
Label Founder and CEO

At the beginning of 2005 Barbara Giovinazzo proudly launched and opened the doors for the independent record label GBSound. She has produced music videos and albums for several international artists.

Ms. Giovinazzo has worked as a tour manager with many artists and festivals throughout Europe. She also works as an executive producer, personal manager and prides herself in the development of furthering artist talent.

Daniel C. Marcoccia
Communication Manager

Journalist, he was the editor of several music magazines in Italy (Rock Sound, Rockstar, Groove), he has written articles for many other (Suono, Mega Tuning, Intersection, Cafe Racer, Rolling Stone France, MyRock, Plugged). He's the editor and co-founder of, a new rock webmagazine.

His motto: And now? We rock!

Eros Pasi

During the year PR for some international labels: Visible Noise Records, Victory Records, Wynona Records, Still Life Records, Pivotal Rockordings, Basick Records, Tiefdruck Musik.

Resp. promo dept. of Coroner Records/Murdered Music.
Co-owner of PR Lodge Agency Europe.
Member of editorial staff of Rock Sound Magazine Italy.



Q: I play in a band and would like to ask if Gb Sound Label accept new material and if it would be interested in signing us.
A: Yes, we accept new material, but, please always ask yourself if your music is already good enough to obtain a record deal. If you've got something special and unique to offer, we're happy to get your demo/CD.
We listen to all CD's and demos we get.

Q: Should I contact the label after submitting a link to my demo to see if it's been heard?
A: Please note that we get LOTS of them, so be patient if you don't get a message after one or two weeks.
All demos received are logged and contact will be made by Gb Sound Label

Q: Where can I send my demo?
A: We no longer accept physical submissions of demos.
Please use the Contact Us form below (or write us at info[at] to send us a link to your website/Facebook page/YouTube profile/music player...


Before to send us your email, please check if there's the following:

A full contact address (name, address, phone, e-mail)
A biography of the band
At least one photo showing the latest line-up
If your releases already received some reviews in the press, please also include some copies/links.