Living Dead Lights

From the people that brought you Avenged Sevenfold, Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson GB Sound is proud to present: Living Deäd Lights highly anticipated album "Black Letters"!

The band had a successful 1st release of their EP in 2010 "Dead Edition", (produced by Bradley Cook), followed by a successful 2011 European tour. The band signed with European label GB Sound in 2012 and is set for a worldwide release of their full length debut album "Black Letters" in 2013 and would announce (Guns 'N Roses long time manager) Doug Goldstein as their new manager.

Living Deäd Lights new Album was recorded at The Hobby Shop Recording Studios in Los Angeles in a collaboration of efforts by:

Fred Archambault (Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones)
David Spreng(Alice Cooper, Bob Dylan)
Tom Baker (Marilyn Manson, NIN, Rob Zombie)

While introducing a newfound sophistication and depth, producer Fred Archambault describes "Black Letters" as "a stroke of genius and a spellbinding new vision for music".

The new record signals that in rock music, any musical idea can now be achieved. Their attention to detail has produced a timeless record about the labors and glories of aspiring to greatness.

12 songs that hit a pure, raw core of confession. They frame destruction yet leave us a boundless sense of possibility and hope. "We realize that we need to put our own ideas about life behind us if we want to write songs that can reach out to the souls of people. We want them to see what's really happening in the world." Living Deäd Lights Guitarist Alan Dämien

The riffs are slashing, singing destructive yet beautiful and their penetrating lyrical insight somehow put the purity back in music. Living Deäd Lights have an unbending faith in rock n' roll and "Black Letters" is hypnotic in its indulgence. Once stricken with poverty, homelessness and addiction, these social outcasts reveled in the one thing they actually gave a shit about, that's creating everything that good rock n' roll should be. Yes the Lyrics are raw, sensitive and real. And they express frustrations over the confused state of the world. But they bring a regenerated edge and urgency back to popular music.

The band has accepted no boundaries. Thunderous, stirring, melodramatic, always compelling, they have chosen to follow the seductive path of their instinct while preserving the vital spark of individuality that sets them apart.

When listening to their music, there is very little to figure out

Living Deäd Lights are the true voice of their generation!


"The coolest thing to hit a stage in the past 10 years... a guaranteed mega-hit" Rolling Stone Magazine, october 2010

"The future of punk rock" Eddy Schreyer mastering engineer legend

"A relentless journey through danger, excess & chaos" DJ Niki Sexton from 100.1 The Edge in Southern CA.

This is Our Evolution
To All The Youth...
Mother Mary, live at The Troubadour Holly...
What Do You Do?
Alan Damien guitar
Martin Kelly bass
Nick Battani drums
Taka Tamada vocals | guitar
Black Letters
27 gennaio 2014
Living Dead Lights
06 giugno 2011
Living Dead Lights EP
18 marzo 2008