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"Shake it" marked in the best way the return of Towers Of London!

"The hunger is back in us, and I think that comes through in our new single Shake It" Teamrock (UK)

"Towers of London: nuovo singolo e date italiane" RockHard (Italy)

"Los británicos Towers Of London están de vuelta con un nuevo single Shake It" RockZone (Spain)

"Una sorta di band ibrida influenzata dai Beastie Boys come dai Guns ’n’ Roses come da David Bowie" Rumore (Italy)

"I expect to see nothing less than a zombie punk rock apocalypse in every town we visit" Classic Rock (UK)

"Towers Of London, esce il nuovo singolo Shake It"" Rockol (Italy)

"Shake It is instant. Straight into the chorus, it is unadulterated rock" RepeatFanzine (UK)

"Towers Of London are back! Shake It esce per l’etichetta torinese GB Sound" Salad Days (Italy)

"A riffy rock tune with an epic chorus" Punkstatic (UK)

"I Towers Of London ritornano dopo sei anni con il video di Shake It" Outune (Italy)

"It took four years to realise that being in the Towers was what the three of us did best" Antimusic (UK)

"Celebrity Big Brother bad boy Donny Tourette is bringing back Towers of London" Digitalspy (UK)

"Towers of London Premiere New Music Video, Shake it" Revolver (USA)

"Created by celebrated short film maker Michael Middleton-Downer, the Shake It video is full of surprises... not all of them pleasant!" MetalShock (Finlandia)

"Watch the video on YouTube where you can see Donny & Co jerking off! If I was reviewing, it would deffo get 5* for effort!" Planetmosh (UK)

"Towers Of London are back, and they mean business" Rebelmouse (UK)

"Tre minuti di puro rock con un potente riff e il ritornello micidiale" RockRebelMagazine (Italy)

"Il y a des nouvelles qui font plaisir et celle du retour des Glam Punks de Towers Of London en fait partie" SleazeThisCity (France)

"Esta nueva canción representa el regreso al mercado musical del grupo" MusicaNueva (Spain)

"Un brano al fulmicotone, senza fronzoli e accattivante fin dal primo ascolto" MusicLetter (Italia)

"Shake It is three minutes of riff driven rock with a monumental chorus, and an epic return to form" MusicNews (UK)

"Shake It è un vero anthem" Lowride (Italy)

"Controversial five-piece Towers Of London have unveiled the video to their new single" PunkRockNews (UK)